If you’re thinking about purchasing a Wedgit® sliding door security bar to protect your home, read some testimonials from our satisfied customers. We’re sure that their experience will help alleviate any doubts you may have about our sliding glass door lock products. After all, how can it work so well for what it costs? The answer to the success of our patio door locks is a simple design and a commitment to product excellence.

These comments from around the country attest to the value of our sliding glass door lock models and their ease of use. Offering a sliding glass security bar that installs in a minute without any tools, and protects your home and family might sound too good to be true—but our customers will tell you otherwise. Read just this small sampling of positive feedback about our Wedgit® patio door locks and we’re sure you’ll be just as satisfied as our existing customer base.

Dawn S., Jackson, NJ

"It was very easy and quick to install, just like you said. It works great."

Linda W., Burlington, NJ

"Easy to install and is easy and convenient to use. The lock keeps the kids from opening the patio door on their own."

Nick A., North Brunswick, NJ

"I recently installed the Wedgit window and door lock on my sliding glass door and it installs without the use of any tools. Just peel back the adhesive backing on the Velcro and adhere it to the location you desire. I highly recommend the Wedgit Lock!"

Sean K., Desmoines, IA

"The thing works great... overall an A+ rating. I placed it at the top of the door and with it snug, there is no movement when you try and pull the door open and it also keeps the kids from getting out on their own."

Claire L. – Flagstaff, AZ

I received the standard lock and the cut down tubes and installed it in just a few minutes over the weekend. It's doing exactly what I had hoped in creating a nice seal between the sliding glass door and dog door and it also provides some peace of mind as it provides some much needed security for that door while the dog door is in. Thanks for all of your help and for making such a great & easy to use product.