Wedgit® patio door locks are easy to install and use. Our sliding glass door lock models come pre-assembled and can be installed in less than a minute. First, choose a sliding patio door lock model that will fit your door comfortably. Our mini model is perfect for 15-25 inch applications, including pet doors and smaller single hung windows. The maxi model is designed for 25-42 inch doors and larger single hung windows.  Pressure sensitive Very High Bond (VHB) strips on the mounting bracket and catch cup hold the Wedgit® sliding glass door lock in place without requiring any drilling.

With the pressure sensitive VHB strips on the mounting bracket and the catch cup, size up the bar to the window. Adjust the telescoping inner tube for general sizing, and then use the Twist Tight feature for smaller adjustments. Once you find the right size for your door, install the Wedgit® at a height where it will clear the floor in a resting position. Make sure the bar is level, and then remove the adhesive strips.  Press the VHB into place, and then drop the lock in the catch cup and give it a couple of twists. That’s all it takes to set up your Wedgit® sliding patio door lock! When placed high in the door frame, both the mini and the maxi models double as excellent child proof door locks. For more information, see our helpful video presentation.

How to Use the Wedgit Patio Door Lock